March 31, 2007

Dear Gore . . .

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Dear Vice Pesident Gore,

I have a bit of a problem, and I really believe that you can help.  I’m an avid follower of politics and consumer of the news.  But I just can’t get excited about the race for 2008.  In fact, I am pretty sure that come the primaries, I still won’t feel enthusiastic about my vote.  Anyone who knows me well can tell you, this would not be right.  I am a passionate person who cares deeply about our world.  I know the issues, read about the candidates, detest the current situation, and want to see things changed.  I want to feel strongly about this race, but I don’t.  I will go to the poles and vote, to be sure – but I would like to care so much that I spend time convincing my fellow citizens to agree with my choice.  I want to help change the world, but I need your help.

The truth is, you have a moral obligation to enter this race, and until you do, I will have a hard time getting strongly behind any existing candidate.  Yes, I said moral obligation.  I know that is a pretty strong statement, laden with values…  and I’m not someone who wants to impose my value system on others.  But it’s not really my value system, it’s yours… so it seems reasonable to hold you to it.  I watched your movie, and you told us that global warming is a moral issue.  You said we had an ethical obligation to act.  Well, you have an obligation here as well.

You know what else?  You talked about your child, his accident, and your renewed perspective on life.  Well guess what?  I have children too.  I don’t want to leave them with a world on the brink of disaster – facing storms, floods, drought, famine, disease that we have never seen before.   This is the issue facing the world today – and we have you to thank for helping bring it to the forefront of America’s conscience.

You have done so much for the cause, and maybe we have 2000 to thank for that.  But think how different things could have been if you did all this from the White House?  Yes, I know, you couldn’t have done exactly this from the White House….  But maybe you could have done more.  And let’s not even get into the war in Iraq, and the War of Terror…  just think about what you could have changed as far as environmental policy…    (At least you’d have been there to help get Live Earth on the mall…  climate change is still today being called a partisan issue?  That might be the most depressing thing I’ve heard.)

The reality is, Congress only acts when the majority of congressional districts agree on something.  This doesn’t happen often, and for that I believe we should actually be thankful…  Madison’s plan was well-designed.  But when big change is necessary, there must be a public advocate… a change agent.  Someone to convince us all.  You have spent the last 7 years invigorating the citizenship, and the world, warming them to the “warmth” – and yet, every time you spoke publicly, was there a news corp around?  Were your words published nationwide, tv cameras trained on your every move?  What if you really had the bully pulpit, what could you do for this issue?  More.  You could do more.  There is no way around it.  You have been amazingly effective outside of office… but you could do more as President.  If this is truly the moral obligation you have been convincing us of…  then it is time for you to step up.  Accept your place.  You created it. 

Win or lose, even a campaign focused on this issue would get more coverage.  Win, and you have the power…  Lose, and you’re still right where you stand today.  

You owe it to us…  you convinced us of it… please remember all our children, and take the action necessary to save our planet.

Sara Callow

Yes…. I mailed it.  If you agree… write him yourself.  Help make a change.

Honourable Al Gore

2100 West End Avenue
Suite 620

Nashville, TN