Give birth again to the dream

The title of this blog, and of this posting, is taken from Maya Angelou’s poem, On the Pulse of Morning.  It is probably one of my favorite poems of all time and was delivered January 19, 1993 at the Inaguration of President Clinton.  View it in it’s entirety at

As most people who know me well can attest to….  I am “into” politics.  Currently working on my Masters in political science, I find myself quite interested in the (yes – far in the future) upcoming presidential race. 

I want to give “birth again to the dream” of an impassioned leader, a globally respected America, and a proud citizenry.  This blog will serve as my personal publication of thoughts on politics, and hopefully some insightful discussion from readers.  Please reply, comment on, and air your opinions.  In the coming days, I hope to post my thoughts on candidates for president and important issues facing our country.


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