March 12, 2007

Support the Troops

Posted in Iraq at 1:57 pm by saracallow

Today, Vice-President Cheney asserted that members of Congress who are anti-war are “undermining” U.S. troops in Iraq.  I struggle with this concept.  Does saying “I support our troops” mean that you have to give up the right to question our leadership?  Once we begin a war, would we be better off converting to a dictatorship until hostilities end?  Is it impossible to be truly supportive of our troops and anti-war at the same time?

No, no and no…. that is my answer.  Members of the military have contracted with our government to follow its direction in times of war.  I appreciate their commitment and honor their sacrafice  However, I think they are dependent on the citizens of the United States – and need our support in the exercise of democratic society.  How many of them would have readily joined the military if the U.S. was a dictatorship?  I would have to guess that it is far fewer in number than currently serve.  There is a security in knowing that your leadership answers to the people whom you call friend, brother, and neighbor… the citizens of the United States.  We have a duty to our soldiers to remain informed and question the leadership who commits their lives to peril.  To do any less would be to condemn them to the war of a dictator.  This is a democracy, it is a democracy they committed to serve because they ostensibly believe in the fundamental principals underlying the government.  Freedom of speech and the freedom to question are inherent rights to our citizenship and rights which our soldiers depend on us to exercise. 

Does this make the conduct of war more difficult?  Of course it does.  President Bush must answer to the public in his conduct of the war… Our enemies can factor in public opinion in their strategies.  It is a fact of democracy that the public has a say.  However, to sacrafice this basic tenet of our government would be to destroy everything our troops are fighting to protect.  I hardly think they want to come home to a United States so fundamentally different from the one they signed their allegiance to.


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  1. Shane said,

    Unfortunately, they will be coming home to an America that is very different and I’m not too sure they will be too proud of what the country has become. I miss America…wherever it went.

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